Carnival Session Discount – 15% off Mala, LTJ Bukem, Awesome Tapes From Africa, & more…

Keep Hush are taking over Room 2 at The Carnival Session, an all night party on Carnival Sunday. A brand new sound system, a unique all-star lineup, and a 15% discount for KH members that you can get right here. We are so excited.


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We’re massively excited to announce that Keep Hush are taking over Room 2 at The Carnival Session, an all night party on Carnival Sunday, at The Steel Yard – which has a brand new sound system.

With a unique lineup, that celebrates both African and Caribbean sounds, and the UK sound system culture that spawned from them, this is not one to miss.

We’ve managed to wangle a 15% discount for Keep Hush members, which you can access by registering as a Keep Hush member for free, and clicking the big ‘Go To Deal’ button above.

To celebrate, we’re introducing two pioneers and one upstart of the UK’s sound system culture: LTJ Bukem, Mala, and Scar Duggy.  LTJ Bukem and Mala head up Room 1: no hard feelings if you miss some of us to go catch them…




LTJ Bukem has secured his place in the drum and bass canon through a careful manipulation of his sound palette. By guiding DNB in a completely new direction, the softer, jazzier, and natural ambient influences in his work sought to provide a new level of accessibility to the thundering, sometimes exaggerated drum’n’bass tracks from the 90s. Donning a huge discography, starting up his own record label Good Looking, and continually experimenting with vocals and instruments to distort his DJ sets – LTJ Bukem does it all. His stronghold on charging atmospherics will be the perfect closer to London’s most prominent weekend.




For most heads, Mala’s a must-see. He pioneered very early dubstep sounds as far back as 2006 in the crevices of Croydon. Mala, his own label Deep Medi Musik, his duo with Coki (Digital Mystikz), and their joint label DMZ, have all been hugely integral to the UK sound system culture which followed jungle and garage. Having made huge, weighty, dangerous tunes for a decade, Mala’s role as a pioneer is never disputed: his ability to rattle a club is alien. If LTJ Bukem’s set will balance out the roughness of Carnival weekend, Mala’s is likely to encapsulate the chaos of those three days – in some well executed blends that no one will expect.




Finally, we are very pleased to announce that the speed-demon selector Scar Duggy will be joining us in Room 2. Playing a slew of hip-hop, breakbeats and funky, Scar Duggy’s approach to DJing is the perfect way to wrap up a weekend of drinking, dancing, and love: her rapid, composed mixing approach fires up a crowd, and gets the party started. Trust us on this one, and watch Scar’s stellar performance at Keep Hush’s live stream with New World Audio above right now.


Buy your tickets by clicking on the big ole button above, and join us on Carnival Sunday!




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– Words by Saagar Kaushik, @_saagark



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